SC Democratic Chairwoman Carol Fowler Fouls Sarah Palin! reports that “South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler sharply attacked Sarah Palin today, saying John McCain had chosen a running mate whose primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” (Read the full story at Politico)

4 responses to “SC Democratic Chairwoman Carol Fowler Fouls Sarah Palin!

  • Lynette

    Wow, I know the liberals have really gone after Sarah Palin personally…”lipstick on a pig”….”stinky fish”. Now we have one with the audacity to say her only qualification is not having had an abortion? THAT’S UNCALLED FOR! Liberals need to stop the PERSONAL attacks and focus on the issues!!

  • Scott Reph

    This type of attack shows a lack of character.

    Democrats act like this and then wonder why conservatives question their patriotism????

    Democrats don’t believe in Choice, They believe in their choice for you…

    you should have abortions, you must believe and teach in evolution, you can not drill, you must pay for everyones health care, etc…!!!

  • lg7128

    Ms. Fowler
    You are a mocker and the spite you and the others in your party keep directing at Sarah Palin and John McCain will keep on returning to you, times ten. Your candidate is an embarrassment to the ticket, he is not ready to lead, cannot maintain the resolve to hold himself above politics as usual. He learned well in his years of community organizing Chicago and creating image, not substance. When he could have made a difference; he chose to maintain status quo. When the media ever focuses on his thin resume and the real debates begin, his mettle will show. Just as your did in your comment today.
    I had lunch with seven ladies, because there are those who admired Hillary we rarely speak of politics, but the lipstick comment Mr. Obama is artfully dodging hit a mark, and two of those Hillary backers are now solid for Sarah. Listen to the tide, it is coming in and you will regret being a part of the pettiness that was the demise of the Obama hope.
    Be grateful you will never have the light shone on your qualifications for the post you hold that Sarah has had since being selected for an office she is entirely experienced and ready for.

  • jdmc6

    Are you all really so jaded as to think that democrats are the only ones attempting to push their opinions off on others and to bash the opposing side? Have there been no remarks of a personal nature made regarding Obama? Are the republicans not trying to push their pro-life, pro-religion off on the rest of the world?
    If you are going to pretend that you are politically informed, then please don’t be so naive…politics are politics and while I disagree with much that is said and done, I am not so ignorant as to believe that one side is pure and innocent while the other is pure evil… give me a break. Let’s at least attempt to live in the real world!

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