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United States Congressman Anthony Weiner, a democrat from New York, got caught with his pants down on Twitter about ten days ago. He immediately claimed his Twitter account had been hacked and when questioned about a lewd photo sent out from his Twitter account, he called a CNN reporter a jackass. Who’s the jackass now? After deceiving the media and the nation for over a week, he went on stage yesterday weeping, apologizing, and claiming that he accepts full responsibility for his actions.

So, while Congressman Weiner admitted he sent lewd and sexually explicit photos and text messages, as well as had phone sex with at least six women over the last three years, he lied to everyone again. He said he sent the lewd photo to the 21 year old college student in Seattle as a joke. Later in the day, news reports revealed he also sent the photo to a 26 old year single mom. I guess that was a just a joke too.

While some people may consider Congressman Weiner’s online antics his personal business, it’s important to remember that as a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, he holds a security clearance, has access to high-level government information, and placed himself in a position to be blackmailed by foreign entities.

Putting it mildly, Congressman Weiner’s actions were an embarrassment  to his family, his district, as well as the state of New York and the United States of America. Although he stated he will not resign,  as the political flames begin to burn hotter, there will be a Weiner roast in Washington, D.C.