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Troopergate: The Invesitigation of Governor Sarah Palin

Some facts about the “independent investigator” Mr. Stephen E. Branchflower indicate he may not be as independent as the Troopergate Committee claims. Nor are the democrats leading/participating on the committee. The main power players in Troopergate are Senators’ Kim Elton, Hollis French, Bettye Davis, and Johnny Ellis. And in the photograph below, it’s not difficult to figure out who they support in the 2008 presidential election.

Obama's Alaskan Team

Obama's Alaska Team

Now, getting back to the so-called “independent investigator”, documents on the Anchorage Municipal website revealed Troopergate investigator Stephen E. Branchflower’s wife, retired Detective Linda J. Branchflower, served as an officer and later as a detective in the Anchorage Police Department (APD) from about 1985 until December 2001.  Linda Branchflower and Walter Monegan served together in the APD for almost the entire 16 years.

Walt Monegan joined the APD in 1974 and was promoted to APD Chief of Police in February 2001. He served as chief until his retirement around September 2006.

Anchorage Resolution No. AR 2001-364 indicated Detective Linda J. Branchflower was recognized for her almost 16 years of service in the APD by the Anchorage Assembly during the December 18th, 2001 regular session.

In his resume on aksenate.org, Mr. Branchflower indicated that he also enjoyed a close relationship with the APD, as a co-founder of the APD Homicide Response Team in 1985, and was commended for his work with the Homicide Response Team by the 16th Alaska Legislature in May 1989.

While the level of personal and professional relationships between Mr. and Mrs. Branchflower and Mr. Monegan has not been determined, the possible conflict of interest should be investigated before  Mr. Branchflower continues with the Troopergate investigation of Governor Sarah Palin.

On September 18, 2008, in an effort to verify the integrity of the independent investigation, a Freedom of Information Act request was initiated for “all documents pertaining to the Alaska State Legislature inquiry” into the Monegan matter, including all documents related to the hiring of Stephen Branchflower and the evaluation of any other candidates for the position; all communications between Mr. Branchflower, Mr. Monegan, Senators Kim Elton, Hollis French, and other members of the Legislative Council; all documents relating to communications between the parties and PSEA officials relating to the inquiry; all documents relating to communications between the parties and representatives of the Obama campaign; and all documents relating to communications between the parties and Andrew Halcro.

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