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Two More Clinton Supporters Switch to McCain-Palin

Two more Clinton supporters, Miguel Lausell and Luchy Secaira, have jumped off the donkey cart this week. Both are quite active as political organizers in the Latino community.  Miguel D. Lausell, one of Hillary Clinton’s Senior Political Advisers, and  Luchy Secaira, Clinton Delegate-at-Large, announced their support for Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

A life-long democrat, Mr. Lausell, in comments on Fox News, indicated Senator Obama has done nothing for Latino’s, and he also mentioned that women on Obama’s staff were paid $6,000 less than the men, while women on McCain’s staff were paid about $2,000 more than men.

While expressing his endorsement for McCain, Mr. Lausell said, “John McCain has a long record of reforming government and working across the aisle to achieve bipartisan results. His courageous leadership is exactly what we need in the White House, and I am convinced that John McCain is the right leader at the right time for our nation.”

Lausell has served as President and CEO of the Puerto Rico Telephone Company; Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Telephone Authority; and Undersecretary of the Department of the Treasury of Puerto Rico. He served on the National Finance Board of the Gore 2000 Committee and was a member of the Democratic National Committee’s Leadership 2000 Board.