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PUT DAXX BACK IN SCHOOL! Hamas Does Support Obama for President

OKay, it’s time to give Daxx Dalton his “Obama-A Terrorist’s Best Friend” tee shirt back, along with an apology. Can you believe the Aurora Superintendent of Schools John Barry said, “This student was not suspended because of a shirt, he was suspended because of an issue of disruption.” And just what was this alleged “issue of disruption?” Well, using Mr. Barry’s own words, he said “it (the tee-shirt) started being disruptive.” WOW! I wonder how much it cost for a tee-shirt like that one?

While explaining how the tee-shirt became disruptive, Mr. Barry stated, “A number of kids came to a number of teachers expressing that they were upset. There was shouting and yelling.” So, just who was shouting and yelling? Was it the teachers, the students, or both? And if they were shouting and yelling, weren’t they actually the ones being disruptive at the school?

This is unbelievable. Let me see if I understand this correctly. An eleven year old boy wears a tee-shirt to school. Other children in the school don’t like what the mean tee-shirt said to them, and so they got upset and started shouting and yelling. It sounds like all of them should have been suspended.

Hey Mr. Dalton, get a good lawyer, make a copy of the video below, and then sue the pants off the school district, and send your son to a private school.